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OFFICIAL FEDERAL USPTO REGISTRATION-REG. NO. 4,0093,251 Authorization To regulate the Profession of "Integrative Pastoral Medicine" Click here  Federal UCC Registration No. 0602011-01214  Pastoral Medicine© Copyright Click Here.  United Nations Civil Society, Economic Development & Social Affairs Registered Affiliate.


Pastoral Medical Association of Cayuga Texas:
References and Documentation of the history of fraud and Misrepresentation of the facts.



Public Notice & Warning & Order to Cease & Desist!!
Re:  Pastoral Medical Association of Nevis West Indies and Cayuga Texas

Un-Authorized Trademark & Intellectual Infringement & Confusion of the Public.

PUBLIC NOTICE & WARNING: This is a Notice for the Above referenced Organization to Cease & Desist!!! This includes anyone who is using  un-authorized certifications, licensings, accreditations of Pastoral Medicine® which is false adversing, causing confusion to the public and interfering the usage in Commerce by legitimate licensed  and registered practitioners



The Statements and information made herein are an honest attempt to communicate facts and my own personal experience with this Organization ran by Eric Carter and Formerly Charles McWilliams(whom I was informed broke away and dis-associated himself from this organization also). As a Ordained Jewish Rabbi and prophetic leader who believes in being transparent and walking honestly, with integrity and of good repute, as it is supposed to be in order to be pleasing unto the Eternal Creator of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I make an oath that the information contained herein is true, accurate and complete to the best of my informed knowledge and belief. It is NOT my intent to slander anyone or provide falsified information in order to decieve the public. This is not about money, power or anything else. This is about Respect, dignity and treating others as you would want them to treat you and also openly rebuking those who have strayed away from honesty and have in fact engaged in character slander and misrepresentation of the facts and who engage in what i believe to be poor business ethics. The Most hurtful of all of this is that we are supposed to be Humanitarians and healers, both claiming to represent the Eternal Creator according to our own individual faiths and spiritual beliefs.  And yet there is dishonesty in our midst, and all that I have worked for over the years is being jeapordized due to a few who may have ulterior motives that amounts to defrauding the public as to who they are and who they are NOT. This alone can discourage many from seeking Pastoral Medical Certifications or even Pastoral Healthcare due to disputes and legal fightings, as is seen throughout the Healthcare industry. Misrepresentation diminishes the integrity of a profession and dilutes the quality and distorts the public trust.

However everything I am providing is backed up with evidence for the public to make their own decision as to whether there is fraud, as I personally believe, considering I am the founder of tthe 1996 Pastoral Medical Association aka Integrative Pastoral Medical Association..

Integrative Pastoral Medical Association®, the Federally Registered Pastoral Medical Association, Is not in any way affiliated to the Pastoral Medical Association that operates in Nevis West Indies and Cayuga Texas!  Let the facts be made clear: This organization was NOT originally called The Pastoral Medical Association, which operates as a National Licensing and Certification Board for the profession of Pastoral Medicine. While there are several organizations that uses  Pastoral Medical as apart of their name *i.e. Pastoral Medical Group(BrookLine, MA) or Medico Pastoral Association(foreign association in in Bangalore), none of them, except the Integrative Pastoral Medical Association®, founded in 1996 by Rabbi Shalomim Y. HaLahawi, has a federally registered Certification Mark and Common Law UCC copyright registration with the right to issue licensing and certification for the professional service of Pastoral Medicine® as a healthcare specialty.

We do not claim to use the exlcusive right to use Pastoral and Medicine. We do have the Legal right to claim the intellectual and common law ideologies to regulate the profession of pastoral medicine as a speciality as specified in both the USPTO and Federal UCC Common Law Registrations. We have been using such in Commerece, as specified in the USPTO Registration since 1996, 14 years before The World Organization of Natural Medicines Practitioners decided to be dishonest, after meeting us in person, and changing their Associations name to Our Associations name, thus confusing the Public.

Purposely confusing the Public, Originally known as the World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners

The operators of the Texas based Po Box Pastoral Medical Association  has a history of using "other organization names, intellectual property & ideas since 2002-2003" which has served to confuse the public. This organization as recently as 2010 used the name "World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners" which the operators, Eric Carter and Professor Charles McWilliams "did not" originally establish/found, but was according to the President of the Canadian Organization, a copycat of the Original "World Organization of Natural Medicine" based in Canada under the Leadership of Dr. Sheila Mckenzie (www.wonm.org).  They originally claimed to certify and license Doctors of Monastic Medicine & issued questionable secular naturopathic licensing & Doctor of Natural Medicine Certifications(originated and trademarked by WONM in Canada). They used credentials such as ND(M), or DNM(M) or Pastoral Health Counselor, the “M” standing for Monastic. They also offered "un-accredited MD degrees" & questionable diplomatic passports via their Knights Hospitallar group(which also was a break away from the Sovereign Orthodox Order Knights Hospitallars. affiliated with WONM).

After  meeting the President of the Integrative Pastoral Medical Association, Dr. Shalomim Y. HaLahawi, in 2010 & upon hearing about our "usage & intellectual ideas of Pastoral Medicine®" as apart of our Clinic and Licensing Board in the Jewish Diaspora Community, they liked the idea and decided to take it upon themselves to steal our intellectual property and utilize it for Christian purposes & proceeded to change their names to "Pastoral Medical Association". Knowing full well we owned the copyrights, registrations and usage in commerce of the name Pastoral Medical Association, Integrative Pastoral Medical Association, Jewish Pastoral Medical Association etc...

How they Infringed on the World Organization of Natural Medicine?

The World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners in which they started, was originally called the "World Organization of Natural Medicine, under the Leadership of Dr. Sheila McKenzie in Canada, which was affiliated and sanctioned by the Soveriegn Orthodox Order of the Kights Hospitallars and International Parliament for Safety and Peace. According to the IPSP and the WONM Due to un-ethical conduct, Professor Charles McWilliams and his wife(who is nurse) was excommunicated from the Order and the WONM. As a result, Charles McWilliams resurrected his own self styled Organization using a similar name and adding practitioners in the end, thus causing confusion to the public(it was later found out that the practitioner part of the WONM was also originally used by the WONM as a credentialing Department but was later dropped and they just used WONM). He also appointed himself as Commander of the Newly created Sacred Medical Order of the Knights Hospitallars(which is now known as Sacred Medical Order Church of Hope, after several name changes due to Legal Heat).


Our Involvement and Introduction to this Organization via deceit and mis-representation

I was already President of the Pastoral Medical Association/Integrative Pastoral Medical Association, which provides pastoral licensure and board certifications for Jewish healthcare professionals at the time of me coming across the World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners. It was Professor Charles McWilliams who contacted our Organization via email after listening to our Online Radio Broadcasting, expressing his own interest in our Association. Our subsquent later Involvement with this organization was due to a legitimate desire to want to collaborate with other Humanitarian based organizations who had reached out to us. Their use and concept of “Monastic Medicine” was different to our ideologies of Pastoral Medicine(as a reference to Talmudic or Jewish Medicine), but similar in spirit to our concept of Pastoral Medicine, and we thought it was a unique opportunity for a Christian and Jewish Organization to work together for the greater good of bringing  quality healthcare to an Interfaith World. However, we too were originally confused by the two Organizations with similar sounding names(World Organization of Natural Medicine and World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners). We were originally informed by Eric Carter and Professofr Charles McWilliams that the Organization by Dr. Sheila Mckenzie was the Break-away organization and they(Eric Carter) were the Original and that the Orthodox Order associated with Dr. Sheila Mckenzie was a fake and Professor Charles Mcwilliams Order was the original one associated with Malta. However it wasn’t until later that we got information on the Original Organization and its affiliation with the United Nations and its good reputation globally and it being recognized by International Parliament for Safety and Peace who recognized Dr. Sheila Mckenzie,  but had revoked its recognition of Professor Charles McWilliams Organization, including no longer recognizing the PanAm College he founded, per the letter we recieved about such from the WONM… 


Religious Orders and Bank Fraud and other Criminal/deceptive activity

During our Research/investigation further into the Matter we came across some Credentials of Professor Charles McWilliams being an Ambassador for a Religious Order known as the Dominion of Melchizedek. He and several other members of this Hospitallar Order and World Organization of Natural Medicine were enlisted as Ambassadors.  Further Research revealed that this religious order was known for World wide Bank Fraud and Sovereign Citizen fraudulent Tactics.  Sovereign Citizen tactics are used in their religious licensing and entrapment of their practitioners, who do not realize by joining their Order, or ecclesiastical licensing organization, and signing the agreement in order to receive their religious based licensing they may be giving up their rights under US Law and unknowingly agreeing to be placed under a totally foreign jurisdiction that may include laws or private contract laws outside of the USA. Thus a licensee who doesn’t know what they are really getting into can be rail-roaded later on should something go wrong or they turn on you, as they did with me, after I caught on to their tactics and what appeared to be dishonesty and they tried to steal my intellectual property, trademarks and copyrights…

After they realized that I knew the whole story about their dealings with Dr. Sheila Mckenzie and questioned their exorbant fee’s of the passports they were peddling and also the MD degree’s that I continuously questioned them about, Professor Charles McWilliams showed his true colors and even flat out denied he was ever apart of the Original World Organization of Natural Medicine, despite pictures clearly showing him as one of their members. After they started illegally using our Organization name, they started the process of trying to rail-road me and my wife and even forge our name on their credentials for the Pastoral Medical Licensing, despite the fact that I had only paid for the Bogus Doctor of Natural Medicine Board Certfication, which after a year they told me it was no longer valid and they switched me over to a Licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine(Monastic). I also like to mention, that before they were exposed  fully for being frauds and I got the full story on them and the before and during the meeting that I shared how our  Pastoral Medical Licensing Board operated, they had expressed the intent to join and obtain membership with our Pastoral Medical Association because they were supposedly impressed with my works….But instead of joining, they tried to steal it for themselves and then proceeded to ban me and tried to initiate a jungle court of theirs against me, which I did not even respond too because I never signed any documents to submit to any tribunal of theirs, which everyone else had signed in ignorance…I only signed one document related to the DNM and ND Certification when they operated at World Organization of Natural Medicine practitioners. Once they made the surprise disrespectful announcement of the change of the their organization from World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners to our Pastoral Medical Association, I went into defensive and offensive mode to protect fully our copyrights and trade names…

Claiming I was originally on your team with World Organization of Natural Medicine practitioners, in which i was until the truth of deception came out, does not mean i'd be stupid enough to sit there and still be ok with someone taking the Ideas of the Jewish Community I represent and claiming it for themselves, and attempt to forge my name in the organization that was being stolen from me??  And this is not just about me, I am simply the President of the Jewish based Pastoral Medical Association, this is about insulting an entire faith and community of people. 


Sometimes I have questioned whether racism has played a role in this matter, considering you have several white men claiming to be Christian trying to slander and railroad a black woman, president of the World Organization of Natural Medicine and then doing the exact same thing to a Black Jewish Man, President of the Integrative Pastoral Medical Association. We already know the history of Europeans stealing ideas from Black peoples and claiming it for themselves under the Superior White race priviledge. So I cannot help but entertain the thought that this could also be the case. I surely pray it isn't, but if it quacks like a duck, it may be a duck??

Reference:  Sources that clearly back up the Ingrative Pastoral Medical Association against the Pastoral Medical Asscciation of Eric Carter in Cayuga Texas(A PO BOX)

1.      This Vitality Magazine Article shows that even the Original Name World Organization of Natural Medicine Pracitctioners, before being used without authorization by Eric Carter and Prof McWilliams was apart of the Dr. Sheila Mckenzies WONM Organization and is linked to her Website



2.      The break away World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners  Charter before they Stole the name of Pastoral Medical Association(no mention of pastoral medicine) - Click Here

3.      Information on the Dominion of Melchizedek and its history of banking fraud: This is one of the Ecclesiastical Orders that supposedly makes Eric Carter and Prof Charles McWilliams organizations Legit as Religious http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominion_of_Melchizedek

4.      Connection of Charles McWilliams to the  Dominion of Melechizek a Bank Fraud Religious Order that accredits WONMP, SMOKH and the fake PMA : http://www.worldservice.org/commissions.html?s=3

       a. Charles Mcwilliams Photo with DOM bio

5.      Another Ambassador of the Dominion of Melcheizedek also listed as Attorneys and members of WONMP/PMA/SMOKH:  http://www.melchizedek.com/ambassadors.htm  Benjamin Angueira (America’s and the Carribbean); same person who face appears in the WONMP Charter also apart of the knights hospitallar associated with PMA/WONMP/SMOKH or now renamed as a church organization: http://www.smoch.org/sovereign_council.php  (Other logo and name click here

6.   World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners Before they infringed on PMA, issuing bogus accreditation  click here

7.   WONMP Original License before issuing un-authorized pastoral medicine license-click here

8.   Professor Charles Mcwilliams Original Book on Monastic Medicine before changing it and  replacing Monastic with Copyrighted Pastoral Medicine Click here

9.   Dr. Eric Carter Co-writes an Article on the American Naturopathic Medical Associations sites in regards to the World Organization of Natural Medicine, promoting Biblical Medicine as Naturopathic Medicine. As with every other evidence shown, Nowhere is Pastoral Medicine used until after they learned of the information from our organization at the meeting in Tampa Florida in 2010 Click here

10. Stephen Holt was appointed the 1st President before Eric Carter in 2008 of the Break away World Organization of Natural Medicine Practictioners against the World Organization of Natura Medicine- Click here

11. The Bombshell of the Biggest Fraud: World Organization of Natural Medicine suddenly Changes their name to Pastoral Medical Association, infringing on the Integrative Pastoral Medical Association® ideas and intellectual property and registered Certification Marks in 2010:  Click here

12. Click here to see the copy of our 1996 Published Manual in regards to Integrative Pastoral Medicine & the Charter from the Original Jewish Organization we were affiliated with

13. Click here to read their dubious slanderous Email threatening our Organization After they tried to do their dirty work, not realizing we were well prepared for their satanic hypocrisy

14. ***Very important for you as a Licensee -Click here to review their fake church kangaroo court proceedings that does not even align with proper Aribrtaion rules and regulations, against a Jewish Rabbi with distorted lies and bogus claims. They tried to steal our Ideology and then assume we are automatic under the jurisdiction of the new trademark infringed organization by virtue of being apart of their WONMP and with the nerve to demand exorbant amounts of money that mounts to extortion. Furthermore they expose themselves by acknowledging who was the original owner of the Idea of Pastoral Medicine, and furhter mentions the Original World Organization of Natural Medicine under Dr. Sheila Mckenzi to their own folly. Notice they forged Dr. Shalomim Y. HaLahawi  name as a PMA Licensee,, despite the fact he was only affiliated temproarily with the  WONMP and Board Certified with a DNM and ND(M) with World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners(they forged his registration from the Board Certification to the License) and they clashed with him because he is also the Owner of the Certification Mark for Pastoral Medicine® and the founder of the Original Pastoral Medical Association® as documented in the original manuals of the IPMA and as used in commerce since 1996. If they were incompetent and evil enough to try this, imagine what they'd do to all the licensee's they have already defrauded with un-authorized Pastoral Medical Licenses).  Click here for DNM Registration proof  & compare to the forged number on the PMA Kangaroo Court. A Judicial Prodcedure they tried to do all through EMAIL, showing just how unprofessional and incompetent they really are!! Furthermore, as stated before, the DNM Certification originally recieved was Fraudulent and was an infringemtn of the original copyright  holder Dr. Sheila Mckenzie

14. Click here to Read our Legal Notice to Cease and Desist!! With Attached proof they just recently changed their Name to Pastoral Medical Association

15. Click here to see the copy of our 1996 Published Manual in regards to Integrative Pastoral Medicine & the Charter from the Original Jewish Organization we were affiliated with

16. Click here for the copyrighted Articles of Association of the Ha' Yisrayli Torah Brith Yahad, revised 2004 that clearly further defines and regulates Pastoral Medicine®


      As can be clearly seen, Pastoral Medicine was only used by the original Jewish association known as the Integrative Pastoral Medical Association®, in its literature, charters, manuals etc since 1996, while Monastic Medicine was used by Eric Carter and Prof Charles McWilliams prior to 2010 and no earlier than 2003-2004. No public literature, books, writings or even in their charter is Pastoral Medicine even mentioned, until Late 2010 after meeting me in person and learning in detail of our Association and how we do things in the Jewish Community. As also can be seen. Eric Carter and Charles McWilliams have a solid history of copycating other organizations. Both the World Organization of Natural Medicine and the Original Orthodox Order of the Knights Hospitallars associted with WONM were infringed upon by them creating the World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners, and the Sacred Medical Order of Knights Hospitllars, and then later Copycating the original Integrative Pastoral Medical Association®, by establishing a copycat Pastoral Medical Association.

Notice in both instances, they copycat the ideas and names and ensure its off by ONE WORD, by adding or taking away one word and then claiming it for themselves.

This is nothing but snake oil and charlatan people, who are money hungry and full of greed and will do whatever it takes to make a dollar. Even if it means being Ambassadors of false religious orders known for International Banking Fraud!!!

This is the kind of people we are dealing with here...Every medical, social, spiritual and public trust has been breached due to these men. The Practitioners who have been defrauded by these charlatans have put themselves in a position of bad credibility.

However we will pursue each person who has contributed to the defrauding of the Integrative Pastoral Medical Association and Prosecute each one tot he fullest extent allowed by Federal law. Its only so long Evil can be done in the dark, before its exposed in the LIGHT...

The Next time they hear from us will be "Federal Court"!!!!


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