Cushite(Ethiopian) Hebrew Yeshiva®        

Open International Institute for Judaic Studies & Eastern Medicine  

Hebrew Faith based Apprenticeship Training for Kingdom Leaders

Testament of the 12 Patriarchs-Testament of Levy 18:1-14; Enoch 46:1-6; 48:1-11; 49:1-4; 50: 1-4; Enoch 51:1-5; 61:4-13;    

"CHI Apprenticeship & Certification Board of Integrative Pastoral Medicine®"

      Shalom and Welcome to CHY Yeshiva

Why attend CHY Yeshiva?

This is a Open Distant learning Research based apprenticeship Ecclesiastical-Educational Institution.  Legally constituted & operated under the State of Georgia Exemption for Religious Institutes GA §20-3-250. 3
Registered with Open Educational Quality Initiative

3694F Cascade Rd SW# 117 Atlanta, Georgia 30331
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Cushite  Hebrew Yeshiva, the premier Open International Institute for  Judaic Studies & Eastern Medicine,   seek to promote Israelite-Jewish and Near Eastern literacy through outstanding study courses, seminars and classes in Hebrew-Judaic culture & spirituality, Integrative Medicine therapies & health education, holistic lifestyle, Ministry and Leadership;

Providing preparation for Israelite-Jewish Spiritual and Community Leadership i.e. Rabbi, Moreh(Teacher), Nabi(Prophetic Ministry), Maggid (Preacher/Wisdom Teacher), Israelite Minister, Hebrew-Pastor(for gentiles and laymen), Shaliach(Ambassador),Shaphat(Judicial/Arbitration/ Mediation), Kohanim(Priest), Rophe'im(Healer/Physician), Naturopathic Pastoral Counseling/Care, Hebrew Education, Hebrew-Jewish Home-Schooling, communal   professions  and lifelong learning opportunities.

Under the Auspices of either the Mizrahi  Netzarim International Rabbinical Council for Sacerdotal Non Medical training or the Cushite Hebrew Int'l Apprenticeship & Certification Board for Integrative & Pastoral Medicine  aka the Integrative Pastoral Medical Association for missionary medicine based training & in affiliation to Edenic Light Integrative Family Life Care® & Humanitarian Institute for Integrative, Pastoral & Natural Medicine(the Ministry of Health & Rehabilitative services), CHY aims to be a cutting edge Yeshiva & prophetic vessel.

Welcoming Talmidim(disciples) of all backgrounds, Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva offers many entry points, from beginner's  to advanced level Mizrahi Israelite-Jewish studies, through its Absorption Division, Academic Division, apprenticeship Kohanim and Ministerial  Schools, Home-Schooling Division(k-12th) and  Holistic Heath Education Division.  Students work independently and closely with dedicated, certified and licensed faculty and family who are personally invested in their progress.

Expanding access to advanced Judaic based education, Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva will  soon offer various Diplomas and Bachelors/Masters/Doctoral Certifications in Jewish Integrative Pastoral Care with focuses in Pastoral Psychology, Eastern Medicine, including Naturopathic, Homeopathic, Homo-Toxicology, Traditional Oriental Medicine, Mid-wifery and Integrative Therapies, Hebrew Education, Community Administration;  Master's of Hebrew Letters in Rabbinical and Kohanim Studies, Netzarim Pastoral ministerial training and Hebrew  Education.  The College also offers  Hebrew language courses, both on campus and via distance learning.

This is a Open Distant learning Research based apprenticeship Educational Institution.


Through the study of Israelite  culture, civilization and Hebrew language, Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva is committed to educating Talmidim of all ages and backgrounds to become knowledgeable, creative participants, educators and leaders in the Edenic Hebrew community and the larger world

Please Note: Due to the preference of maintaining a separation of Religion and State, CHY has chosen to offer Academic Certification Equivalents instead of Degrees. Example: Bachelor Certification instead of Bachelor Degree or Mastor/Doctor Certification instead of Degree. All rights and privileges still apply(i.e. Dr, Doctor). Please also note that Academic Certification does not imply Board Certification nor Licensure, a Separate Independent process. Therefore it is necessary to apply for Licensure in order to legally practice your apprenticeship profession and to receive the legal protections it affords.